If you wish a long term cooperation for continuous stationery equipment, you can create a form with all the products you would like to get our best offers.

In the case of a "permanent client" you will have beneficial rates depending on the quantities and the general definition of cooperation.

    The way to do this is:

1.Add products to cart for which you wish to receive an offer

2. When you reach the stage you choose the payment method select cash       on delivery.

3. Please make a note of the code for your order.

4. Go to CONTACT and at the message subject select QUOTATION. Write      the code in the box provided and we will contact you either by phone        number you have provided in your account details or by e-mail.

   You can also ask us for products you need regardless of what is shown or    not on our website.

For further assistance please call 22-318 385 and email:


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