1. Orders in Cyprus:

Α)For orders more than €100.00 (VAT inclusivedelivery is FREE.

Β)  Orders less than €100.00 (VAT inclusive)  will be charged with delivery expenses €6.00 (VAT inclusive)-delivery to your office, €4.00 (VAT inclusive)-delivery from the shipping office, size of order is irrelevant(weight, volume, dimensions).


Orders are sent by courier or by post, depending on the zone (municipal city limits and suburbs) falling the stated address.

In most cases, your order would be sent the same day or next business day.

 All shipments with courier service will be delivered if possible at your place. If this is not possible then the delivery will be completed at the local courier offices. The courier office will then contact you for further instructions.

All shipments made by post are registered.

You can ask to receive your order from our store. In that case we will refund any charged shipping costs.

In case of delay we will contact you. Reasons for the delay is the lack of product from our warehouse or the preparation time of  large orders. Also for special orders for manufacture or import.

(Note: there is no delivery for the occupied area in Cyprus)

C)  The above do not apply for customers with special deals (for more info, call 22-318 385)


2. Orders outside Cyprus:

All orders will be charged in advance cost of transport.

            a. An Agreement is made for the shipping method, with ours or yours transport agent, or the Cyprus Mail.

            b. You take the cost of shipping which will be calculated after you provide your order.

            cOnce you are informed of the total amount for your payment and remit the agreed amount to our bank account.


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